Letter of Reference: Automotive Training Institute CEO

We were pleased to receive this letter from one of our longtime clients, Chris Frederick. Giving quality service and professionally-completed work is paramount in our business. Knowing it is appreciated makes the hard work that much more rewarding. Thank you for the great letter!


I have known At Speed Motorsports for many years and I would consider him one of the best performance techs in North America. His knowledge of both domestic and import performance vehicles is simply incredible . John’s integrity and honesty is extremely important to me. He always does what he says he is going to do and let’s you know early if something you want is not a good idea. He is not afraid to be candid with me when I am about to make a mistake with one of the cars in my collection.

I collect muscle cars from the sixties to today’s most recent rocket ships. Since John began working on these cars in the sixties, he has been a perfect one-stop performance shop for my entire collection. I have an original ’67 427 cu in 435hp Corvette that no one could get to run correctly, and the three carbs were a constant problem. Today this is my favorite of all my cars to drive. I had the same problem with my ’69 COPO Camaro that was recently restored in Canada and John had to completely rebuild the motor, but it is faster than when it was new ! Since John has a dyno he was able to make the COPO’s automatic on the column shift perfectly at the redline so I can just hold on to the steering wheel launching. John and his son Colin also helped me get into road racing when I added a new ZR 1 Corvette to the collection by servicing it and taking me to the track.

I can say without reservation if you love your car, want it protected , serviced or made to go fast, At Speed Motorsports is the place to take it!

Thank You,

Chris Frederick, CEO
Automotive Training Institute (ATI)

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