Customer’s 964 Turbo wins car show awards

Hey guys, I wanted to send you a quick note, to follow up on the service you completed on my 1991 964 911 Turbo back in October 2015.
First, the level of professionalism carried by all of your team was top notch. I was very pleased with the communication of status updates, and responsiveness to any of my requests and questions.
And most importantly the level of knowledge by your team was also 1st rate.  Especially for these older air cooled 911’s.  I have been, and will continue to recommend your shop to all my PCA brethren.
If you recall, you guys did the Rotor replacement, Caliper Rebuild & Refurb (powder coating), plus Brake Pads, Lines & flush.  Everything came out great.
I was doing much of this in preparation for the PCA Chesapeake Challenge that occurred on Oct 31st.  I am pleased to report…
The car took 1st in class (out of 6 964 & 993’s from ’90 – ’98),…. AND it took Top Honors by Manny Alban with his Honorary Judges Award (out of all 60+ cars in the entire event)!
It was a great day for both my wife & I.  She also entered our 2012 958 Cayenne Turbo into the Street category & also took 1st in Class, AND Best in Show.
4 Trophies in total for the day.  Wow. Pictures attached.
 911 Turbo FINISHED with Polish Detail 8a
Thank you again for all your diligence in working with me on the car.  It still has more needs (shocks) soon, and I will consider you guys first.

Letter of Reference: Pontiac GTO Performance Work

Jeff’s predicament with his Pontiac GTO is one we see too often. We have been working for decades in the performance car business, know the best way to enhance performance, and deliver. We appreciate Jeff taking the time to write this letter about our services; it’s a great compliment to our team.


At Speed Motorsports,

I’d like to take this time to express my gratitude to you and your staff for the excellent work you performed on my 2005 Pontiac GTO.

I’m not sure what I would have done if I had not run into you at the All Pontiac show in Gaithersburg, Maryland in September of 2006. Another shop had installed my supercharger and I was just so fed up with all the problems and not sure when the next tow truck had to be called that I was thinking about just selling the car.

After speaking with you and listening to your knowledge of this type of performance work, I decided to give it one more try. “BINGO” it worked. You and your staff completed the job after finding many non-professional repairs done by other performance businesses.

I’ve had absolutely no problems since your excellent work was completed. The professional care your business took to fix my 2005 GTO has impressed me greatly. Being in the automotive body and fender repair business, I know the importance of quality work and customer service, and you have reach a very high standard in my opinion in both categories. I’ve driven the GTO 43,000 miles since the work was completed; it’s fast and gets excellent fuel economy.

I have no problem in telling anyone I can about At Speed Motorsports and your excellent knowledge of tuning and repair of this type of GM product. It’s not just about the horsepower to me. It’s the drivability and not having to wonder when the next time I was going to need a tow truck so I could get home.

Thanks again to you and your wonderful staff,

Jeff Titus
Owner, Jeff’s Body Shop
Annapolis, Maryland